Sunday, January 18

End of an Error (reprise)

With a little luck, George Jr. will be the last baby-boomer* president our country has to suffer. Sorry, Hillary. There's lots I like about my fellow boomers, but we'd all be better off if the 60's were taken for granted rather than have those battles constantly re-fought.

That said, a song went through my head today that only the Woodstock generation would know:
I heard a song last night
What a lovely song it was
I thought I´d hum it all night
Unforgettable because

All of the players were playing together
And all of the heavies were light as a feather
All I remember is a feeling tomorrow
And as I recall the rest will just follow
I had a dream, John Sebastian

Our great national nightmare will soon be over.

* I say the definition of a baby-boomer is someone who doesn't remember WWII, but does remember the Kennedy assasination.