Monday, July 2

Tegal buys CollabRx

I'm pleased to relay the announcement that Tegal Corporation (NASDAQ:TGAL) has purchased CommerceNet portfolio company (and incubatee) CollabRx.

In September '10 — weeks after I sold Usable Security Systems — founder Marty Tenenbaum asked me to help out CollabRx.  I worked there informally as COO and head of product management for over a year.  Together with CollabRx employees like Smruti Vidwans and Jeff Shrager, I created CollabRx's Therapy Finder family of web applications for personalized cancer treatment decision support.

I'm proud of that work and I'm glad that the company and its products have moved on to a bigger stage.  Congrats guys, and thanks for all the fish.

But I'm again faced with the question I had in August '10: so, now what do I do?