Friday, August 6

OK, now they're making me mad!

You may have heard that there's trouble at Los Alamos National Laboratory. They've lost a few disk drives, among other things. Maybe they had bomb blueprints on 'em, I dunno.

In a unrelated development, oil prices have passed $45 per barrel.

I thought you ought to know:

  1. The Bush Administration has proposed a replacement for the University of California as the manager of Los Alamos. The company they propose is Haliburton.
  2. With oil prices at an all-time-high, the administration has resumed buying oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

As the Bolsheviks used to say: the worse, the better.

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Rabbi Jonathan B. Freirich said...

Yes, he has no trouble with Reaganomics, just the theory of suppy and demand.