Sunday, October 31

All politics is local

Nevada is a red state, and Northern Nevada even redder. Here in Douglas County, Republican party affiliation runs 2-to-1 over Democrat, and that held up pretty much in our social circle.

Well, we've made some new friends now, starting with the people we met through the Douglas County Democratic Women organization. DCDW is a pretty impressive organization — formed only ten months ago, it has catalyzed a large volunteer base for the Kerry/Edwards campaign. A lot of people getting into political action for the first time (since college, anyway). Thank you, Karl Rove.

Phylis and I have been walking our precinct, making phone calls, even standing on sidewalks waving placards. This is part of the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) "ground war" effort the parties talk about; I don't know how much good it does but I'm pretty sure this is the biggest effort the Democrats have made in Northern Nevada.

Vote! Go Kerry!

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