Sunday, January 16

They just don't get it

The Washington Post (registration required) ran their exclusive interview with Bush today. I guess reporters Fletcher and VandeHei were so excited to be on Air Force One that they didn't have a chance to think about what Bush actually said.

In their analysis article the reporters say:

And he said he has no plans to cut benefits for the approximately 40 percent of Social Security recipients who collect monthly disability and survivor payments as he prepares his plan for partial privatization.

But in the interview transcript, after he makes a "no plans to cut" remark, Bush says:

Frankly, our discussions in terms of reform have not centered on the survivor/disability aspect of Social Security. We're talking about the retirement system of Social Security.

That puts a different spin on "no plans" to cut survivor/disability benefits, doesn't it? These people just don't think those benefits (which are 40% of the program) are worth discussing much. I don't know about you, but this implies to me that in the end, they're very likely to get cut.

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