Monday, February 6

Non-biological DNA

I really have gotten out of the habit of posting. I'll try to get back to it. Two topics I should be able to write about every day are: 1) CMU Prof. K. Carley's course on Dynamic Network Analysis (I'm taking it this semester); and 2) ideas about WowBar.

As a teaser for the DNA (that's Dynamic Network Analysis, remember) course, I'll mention we've been asked to come up with some new measures for identifying key nodes in a meta-network. A meta-network is a social network graph (where nodes are people, aka "agents") enhanced with additional node types such as task or resource. I've got three node-centric measures I've been thinking about, which I will call:

  1. Coverage (node-centric sum over shortest path distance to all other nodes)
  2. [type] 2-Reachability (count nodes of given type reachable in two hops)
  3. [type] Orientation (ratio of edges to nodes of given type vs. other types)

More on those tomorrow, maybe.

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