Friday, September 21

Careful with That Laptop, Eugene

Today I came across the Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare.1 Lots of good stuff in case you're planning on starting one.  There's some interesting stuff even if you're not.

For example, suppose you're thinking of joining the resistance in a levĂ©e en masse defending some beloved piece of critical U.S. infrastructure under cyberattack (er, your local water district?). Then you need to know that under the Manual's Rule 35, you will no longer have the protections afforded to civilians under the Laws of War.2 Also note that one of the criteria classifying someone as a combatant is the "open carrying of arms". Which under Rules 39&41 of the manual, might mean that when the bits hit the fan you wouldn't want to walk around carrying a phone computer.

1 Annoyingly, the report can only be read via some lame publishing platform.
2 Don't say there are no laws of war. I just told you there's even a manual on how those laws apply to cyberwar.

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