Thursday, June 3

Comparative Disadvantage

I realized today why I usually expect to be taken advantage-of in a professional situation. Of course, I only realized it when I was explaining it to someone else — in this case, my sister Sandy. She was applying for a mortgage and had invited me along for a visit to the prospective loan officer. He was, of course, bumptious, self-satisfied, smug and patronising.

He had every right to be. How much do I (or my sister) know about home loans? Very little compared to him. He handles many mortgages per day; I deal with less than two per decade. He can claim, and did, that his choice of loan parameters were in our best interest and that it would take too much time to explain the rationale for each of them.

My doctor. My mechanic. Plumber. Real estate agent. Accountant. Car dealer. Wine steward. Travel agent. Banker. Recruiter. Gardener. Senator. Personal trainer. Waiter, librarian, janitor? I have to just trust them, but I don't have to like it.

Quid custodit ipsos custodes?

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