Wednesday, June 23

End of an Error

Believe it or don't — COMDEX Las Vegas 2004 has been cancelled. It was Yogi Berra who said (about a NYC eatery): "Nobody goes there anymore; it's too crowded."

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Anonymous said...

I've heard Yogi Berra speak a time or two, and he never struck me as a kind of poor man's Oscar Wilde when it comes to wit, yet many of the sayings attributed to him are quite good in a retarded kind of way (not all, but more than a few). I wonder how many of these "Yogi-isms" he actually said or whether he's simply become the convenient receptical for all things sounding Yogi.

BTW, a book of his collected sayings has been published, about which he comments: "I really didn't say everything I said," but I can't help but wonder if he really said that.

-Frank J.