Friday, September 3

Another anniversary

Recondite is three months old. One change I've decided on today: the tagline at the top will change fairly often.

What better way to celebrate than to talk website statistics?

  1. 56% of visitors use Netscape, the other 44% IE. I would think that means recondite has readership skewed much more towards Unix (and Mac) than 'net users in general.
  2. Current visitors per day average just below 50. High-water mark was August 11th, the day after I posted about Peter Deutsch's pycore, almost 1200 visitors that day.

I have no idea, really, what people like me to write about. In the absence of requests (hey, that's the ticket! radio show formats for blogs!), I guess I'll continue the random walk through topic space.

Keep those cards and letters coming in, folks.


ifindkarma said...

I particularly enjoy the things you've been writing about, and look forward to more of the same: interesting details of history that haven't been documented by others; technical insights; and political commentary. It's all good. :)

Rabbi Jonathan B. Freirich said...

Not surprisingly, I really enjoy most of your comments. I must admit, some of the technical stuff is beyond my sub-standard engineering education, but, what can you do? I can't be an expert in EVERYTHING ;-D

On a very remotely interesting note, as you (Allan) may remember, I use a non-IE browser, but also use a MS OS, namely XP.