Thursday, September 9

Give Until it Hurts

Make a significant contribution to the Democratic National Committee and I promise I'll try to do something nice for you.

To participate:

  1. Give money via that link.
  2. Tell me how much you gave and who you are via email.
  3. Suggest something you'd like me to do for you (e.g., cook you a meal, write you a testimonial, fix your computer, write your business plan, etc.)

If it's practical for me to do and it is commensurate* with your contribution, it'll be more likely that I'll do it. If you gave $10,000, for example, I think it'd be fair for you to ask me to clean your house for a week...

[*] You're even more likely to get me to perform if the request seems small in comparison with the donation!


Rabbi Jonathan B. Freirich said...

Ginny Reel wisely points out that most people's homes are not big enough for you to clean them for a week.

I assume you mean an additional donation. That is to say that I can't report my donations to date in this election cycle and then ask for a favor, right?

Rabbi Jonathan B. Freirich said...

Oh, and how do you propose to stay awake for a week while cleaning? We don't want to promote illegal drug use in the process, do we?

AMS said...

Point 1: It has to be new money, extra credit if you submit it through the link I supply (because then I find out about it).

Point 2: Well, I was planning to bring in shift workers to assist, so I could sleep occasionally between QC activities.